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Other Companies Talk About Quality
We Don't Just Talk.  We Actually Test.

Nothing is more important than quality.
So quality is never left to chance.

Express Window Films is the only privately owned and operated window film distributor in the world that owns and operates it's own accelerated weathering equipment (QUV). 

We've taken all the guesswork and risk out of selecting the right films for our catalogs. 

When it comes to quality, we don't leave anything to chance and neither should you.  Our QUV weathering system identifies window films that are inferior to their industry peers.  QUV testing is the gold standard when it comes to quantifying the durability of any material exposed to the harsh outdoor elements.

Learn more about QUV Testing by watching a YouTube Video about it

Express Window Films coordinates with a vast network of  "beta test" installers that provide constant feedback
on every film sold in our catalog.

Even if a film is durable, we need to be assured that our customers will like working with it.  While no brand of window film can please everyone in the market, we have an extensive network of "test dealers" that provide us with feedback on each of the films sold in our catalog.

Why do we go through all this trouble?

Our reputation in the marketplace means much more to us than any single sale.  Our business is built on long term relationships.  We want to be a trusted and valued supplier to your company well into the future.  Our customers are assured that everything we sell has been tested in our QUV system.

How Accelerated Weathering Systems Work:

Film samples are mounted to 1/4 inch clear plate glass panels in the same manner that they are applied to flat glass or automotive windows. The glass panel with the film installed on it is then placed into the machine, which runs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Our testing method calls for alternating periods of 174 degrees (F) of heat and UV light bombardment, followed by 2 hours of 100% humidity at 122 degrees (F). 

The alternating cycles are intended to simulate day and night conditions and to introduce 100% humidity which can provoke adhesive failures in susceptible films.

Handling & Shrinkability

Durability & longevity must be accompanied by ease of installation and handling qualities.  Professional window tinters are busy people.  If a roll of film slows them down or frustrates them, they will select another brand.

Express Window Films relies upon a network of beta test centers that evaluate the films for handling qualities prior to our including them in the product line.  Dealers are furnished with sample rolls and are asked to fill out an online survey.  Films that do not achieve an average ranking of 8.5 or higher (on a scale of 1-10) are rejected.

Please let us know if you are
interested in becoming a test center.

Supply Chain & Reliability of the Manufacturer

No matter how well the film does in our testing, if the supply chain is not consistent and reliable, there won't be any film in our warehouses when you order. 

This final step often requires a trip to their plant.  We have already, and will continue to, travel anywhere in the world to meet with qualified suppliers whose products are good enough to be included in our line.

We expect that you will be absolutely delighted with the quality, look, feel and durability of every film we sell.  If you are ever dissatisfied with any roll you purchase from us, you may return it for a cheerful and immediate refund.  We will even send UPS to your shop to pick it up - saving you the expense and hassle of returning your order!

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